Church Problems

Read – Revelation 2 & 3

Note the following:

  • What was it that caused the problems in each of these churches?
  • What was it that was commended in these churches?
  • What was the advice for these churches?

As you compile these thoughts, I think it will be telling as to what it is that we need to make sure we keep out of the church and what it is that we need to make sure we accomplish in the church.

For example, the first church listed is Ephesus. (Revelation 2:1-7)

  • The problem
    • They had abandoned the love they had at first
  • The commendation
    • They were working hard
    • They were patiently enduring
    • They were very careful about rooting out false teaching
    • They did not grow weary
    • They hated the Nicolations (unclear who these were – we just assume they were heretics)
  • The advice
    • Remember the love they had at first
    • Repent
    • Do those works they had at first

What an important lesson for us in the church. They were so faithful to protect their church from false teaching, but it seems that vigilance unfortunately had an impact on their desire to love others. I can understand why this would happen. I am sure they got tired of the false teachers who would come again and again into the church trying to convince the people of the church to follow after their false teaching. That could easily result in a stronger and stronger dislike for anyone outside of the church coming into the church. Evidently it did. We must guard against this very attitude ourselves today. Be sure to love others. Yes, we need to stay doctrinally pure, but that doctrinal purity should not affect our love for others. We can be vigilant for the truth of God’s Word and God’s Ways without neglecting love for others.

I would encourage you to read through the rest of these two chapters and contemplate the message and application for us today.