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April 23, 2017
1. Look to be a blessing and encouragement to others in need this week. As we saw from Acts 18, Aquila and Priscilla were a blessing to Paul. 
2. Bi-vocational ministry was modeled by Paul while he was in Corinth. While it is appropriate to provide for a minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, it is also appropriate for a minister to provide for himself.
3. Pray for one another! We have continued to have health needs in our church family. 
April 16, 2017
1. Is there a bigger idea than the fact that Jesus rose from the dead? What a tremendous day to celebrate His resurrection. Our Savior defeated death and sin! Praise Him!!!
2. Believe in Jesus and His resurrection and enjoy Him as Savior, or reject Him and one day you will experience Him as a judge!
3. Pray for our missionaries. Jeremy and Jodi Smith are currently working on building a church building in Fort Ashby, WV. The pastor of the church recently found that he has stage 4 cancer. Pray for the church and for Jeremy and Jodi as they continue their ministry.
April 9, 2017
1. Sunday morning we continued our discussion of Paul's declaration of the "Unknown God" to the people of Athens. This week we saw Paul's plea to those listening that the judgment was coming. God does not overlook man's sin of rejecting Him and worshiping other gods.
2. Continue to pray for each other! More surgeries this week! I cannot ever remember a string of surgeries and health concerns in our church family. Please lift each other up in prayer!
3. Pray for our missionaries. Kevin and Trina Mayfield are our missionaries of the week. While they are currently home on a short furlough, we do need to pray for them and the church in Riobamba, Ecuador.
4. One extra idea this week! It is the week leading up to Resurrection Sunday! This is the greatest day in the history of mankind. Remember Christ's death and rejoice in His life giving resurrection!
April 2, 2017
1. Sunday morning we saw Paul declare the "Unknown God" to the people of Athens. In his declaration, Paul showed that God had, in fact, declared Himself as the one true God through creation and His sovereign rule over all of mankind. All of it should point all of mankind to the One True God!
2. Continue to pray for each other! I am not sure we have ever seen such a large percentage of our church family with health needs! We are going through a challenging season of turmoil, but we will continue to praise our great God while showing our dependence upon Him by crying out for His intervention in our lives.
3. Pray for our missionaries. Melissa Carlson is our missionary of the week. Melissa will be headed back to Wisconsin from Sweden for a brief furlough next week. Pray for a time of refreshment and renewal for Melissa. The Deighton family did arrive safely in Peru and are getting settled in their new home - praise the Lord!
March 26, 2017
1. What is your response to the worship of anything but the one true God? We saw Paul's response in Acts 17 this week. He boldly debated the people of Athens because he was so bothered by the idolatry that was so rampant in the city. We should be moved to preaching Jesus Christ!
2. Pray for each other! We have two (possibly three) of our members having surgery this week with a member's daughter on bed rest waiting for the delivery of her baby. Lift one another up in prayer!
3. Pray for our missionaries. Troy and Sara Carlson at West Branch are our missionaries of the week this week. Pray for the continued development of the camp as well as their ministry in churches this spring. Also, pray for David and Tiffany Deighton and their family as they head to Peru on Tuesday to begin their ministry there!